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Weekly Comic: Russia Puts the Squeeze on Europe's Gas​

Economy 2 hours ago (Jun 21, 2022 12:26PM ET)
1655838390389.png -- Europe’s economic war with Russia over Ukraine has taken a sharp turn for the worse. It will take a miracle to stop it deteriorating further – and to protect the rest of the world from the fallout.

Over the last week, Russia has steadily turned off the gas taps to Europe, its biggest customer for the last 40 years. Germany has seen its supplies cut by 60%, Italy by 50%, France by 100%.

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Frank Taylor32 minutes ago

it's now becoming clear what happens when you choose to deal with ORCS.Europe time is right to reevaluate your future If the ORC KING doesn't remove his hordes from a sovereign nation, WHO'S NEXT??

Anonymous Anonymous45 minutes ago

Make it quick. Nuke it all and let's get over with it.

ben sc1 hour ago

Europeans are planning on starving people as a negotiating tactic. This is the west's approach to peace? letting their economies collapse until they cannot feed themselves before dealing with reality? Fight Putin or concede, but these vain attempts to drag it out or pretend that Russia hasn't already won will just inflict more suffering on I moment populations.

Nenad Lutovac1 hour ago

Logical outcome of 8 years of EU (and +/-30 years of U.S.) sanctions imposed on Russia.You can't constantly bully someone and expect not to get hit.